Sumoto is one of the world's manufacturers leader in the production and marketing of submersible motors for deep well pumps of 3'', 4" and 6".


Thanks to its range of 3" submersible motors denominated OP3, Sumoto is now able to offer a valid instrument for the solution of problems due to well dimensions.
The OP3-type is the outcome of a consistent design effort arisen from the need to solve all the problems due to reduced space.
The motor still preserves the splined-shaft coupling system typical of the NEMA regulations.
The electromechanical specifications are undoubtedelly interesting and complying with all application requirements.
Each motor is suplied with 1.8 mt-long sealed cable direcly connected with the winding.

-Atoxic dielectric liquid cooling.
-F class insulation.
-IP 58 protection.
-Splined shaft extension for easy coupling.
-AISI 303 stainless steel end shaft.
-High-resistance nickel plated cast iron brackets.
-Compensation diaphragm and sand-seal with suitable dimensions.
-Easy to disassemble and to re-wind.
-Axial load to be carried: 1200N.


from 0,37kW up to 0,75kW 220-230V 50Hz
from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 220-380-400V 50Hz
from 0,37kW up to 0,75kW 220-230V 60Hz
from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 380-400V 60Hz-


Filled with special food grade lubricant.

The OP4 Series is the evolution of the 4" Submersible Rewindable Motor.
Elevated starting torque, mechanical compactness,reliability,superior perfomance togheter with the most complete range of products are the principal features making the OP4 Motors.

The special design allow an easy access and replacement of all parts subject to the wear marking simply and quick the eventual servicing of the motor.

- Motor casing, shaft and bottom end made in
Stainless Steel AISI 304.
- High resistance cast iron nickel plated Upper
- Options:
Upper bracket of stamped Brass OT 58
Upper bracket of casting AISI 304
- Axial and radial thrust ball bearing.
- Standard mechanical Seal graphite\ceramic.
- Optionable seal type SIC
- Special Cooling fluid for a better lubricant effect
to increase life of moving parts. The liquid with its
high thermal capacity gives the motor superior
overload capabilities.
- Oversize Compensation diaphragm and sand
slinger protection.
- Insulation class F. Protection IP 58.
- Removable cable connector.
- Nema standard coupling dimensions.


- Maximum voltage fluctuaction admissible versus nominal rated voltage: +6% -10%.
- Maximum water temperature:
40°C with at least 0.08 mt/sec of water flow speed
- Maximum motor starting per hour: 30
- Axial thrust:
1500N from 0,37kW up to 2,2kW
2500N from 2,2kW up to 5,5kW
4400N from 2,2kW up to 7,5kW
- Maximum immersion depth: 150 MT
- Horizontal operating position: admitted up to 2,2kW


Single phase:
from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 220-230V 50Hz
from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 240V 50Hz

Three phase:
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 220V 50Hz
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 380-400V 50Hz
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 415V 50Hz

Single Phase:
from 0,37kW up to 1,1kW 115V 60Hz
from 0,37kW up to 3,7kW 220-230V 60Hz

Three phase:
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 220V 60Hz
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 380V 60Hz
from 0,37kW up to 7,5kW 460V 60Hz


By using the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies SUMOTO has introduced the INT4" series for deep well pumps. These canned type motors have all the necessary features to assure reliability, durability and efficient operation.


Built for coupling with submersible multistage high and low load thrust 4" pumps for clean water deep well.

-Filling liquid
Water with food grade compound for cooling and lubricating rotor, radial and thrust load bearing.
-Nema coupling
-Shaft sealing system
Includes a labyrinth seal with a sand slinger for an effective sand protection. A lip seal prevent inside coolant fluid exit.
-Electric cable
Removable four wires polychloroprene flat cable with watertight connector with integral earthing system.
-Stator room is resin filled. Under vacum resin filling method gives maximum heat exchange rate and superior dieletric insulation characteristic.
-For a better corrosion resistance motor frame and motor base end cover are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel. Shaft end is made out of AISI303 ss. Upper side bracket is made out of cast iron, nickel plated .
-Bearing system
Unique design hydrodynamic thrust bearing fulfils ideal non contacting operation, providing less wear and assuring long bearing lifetime. Low thrust 3000N class, Kingsbury type with spherical shaped sliding pads. High thrust 6500N class, one simple piece flat surface pad with flexible function(patent pending). The combination of high-tech material on radial bearing ensures durable operation under tough application. Low thrust 3000N class, carbon-graphite radial bearing, mating AISI 303 ss burnished shaft portion. High thrust 6500N class, ceramic radial bearing, mating tungsten carbide shaft sleeve.
-Pressure equalising is made by an optimised design of a rubber diaphragm that ensure proper heat liquid expansion, balancing inside/outside pressure.


Maximum allowable rating voltage fluctuation ±6%.
Maximum deep head - 150 mt.
Maximum motor starting per hour 30.
Liquid for use - clean water (Ph 6.5 to 8)
Water well temperture range - 0 to 30°C with minimum flow rate speed of 0.08 m/s.
Axial thrust:
3000N from 0,37kW up to 2,2kW
6500N from 3kW up to 5,5kW


From 0.37kW up to 2.2kW 220-230V 50/60Hz

From 0.37kW up to 5,5kW 220-380-400-415V 50Hz
and 220-380-460V 60Hz.

-Special voltage available on request.
-PSC,CSCR control box, available on request.


The new series of 6" submersible motors OY6, have been designed and manufactured according to the same level of QUALITY and RELIABILITY already reached on 4" submersible motors series OP4 and INT4.
Following the SUMOTO tradition, that makes concept of simplicity its best characteristic, the OY6 series is the fruit of our advanced research and development that guarantee the best performances and highest reliability, in accordance with heavy duty performance needs.

-Submersible 6" motors cooled with dielectric non toxic coolant.
-Class F insulation and IP 58 protection.
-Motor shaft extension and coupling according to Nema standard.
-Base and frame made out of stainless steel.
-Upper body made of high resistance cast iron nickel plated. Available also in bronze and AISI 304 stainless steel.
-Shaft made in stainless steel and balanced.
-Optimised design of pressure equalising rubber diaphragm and sand prevention with sand slinger.
-Irremovable electric cable with watertight connector.
-Easily disassembly and re-windability.
-Suitable for 10000 N and 20000 N axial thrust.


da 4 kW a 30kW 380-415V 50Hz
da 4 kW a 30kW 380V 60Hz
da 4 kW a 30kW 220-230V 60Hz
da 4 kW a 30kW 460V 60Hz


The peripheral submersible electropump series ONK have been made for lifting and pressurizing clean water for domestic applications, pressure booster sets and sprinkle irrigation system.
They are produced in single-phase and three-phase and they can be used either in 4" well or tanks.

The motor pump, asynchronous type with non toxic liquid lubricated rotor, F class winding, IP 58 protection, is made with highly corrosion resistant materials. Frame and shaft are manufactured with stainless steel, cast iron motor bracket, pump body and delivery head nickel plated, brass stamped impellers, amply oversize pressure equalisation diaphragm.
The single phase type is suitable to work with permanent capacitor.
Standard 10 mt. length Neoprene lead cable, and removable system connection.

OPERATING CURVES AT 2900 r.p.m. -- 50Hz

The operating graphic is valid at 2900 rpm. Indicated working data are for continuos service at normal water temperature and density 1 Kg/dm3. The pump test comply with the standard requirements UNI EN ISO 9906.


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