U-6697A Tire Changer


• Column combined with air tank saves your space and reduce the size of the unit
• Turntable for size of tire up to 26″.
• Tire pressing shovel is adjustable in four directions
• Alloy components inside the machine cabinet and cylinders.
• Gearbox with integrated motor, save your electricity bill and increases working strength of turntable
• Machine cabinet newly designed to save space and makes your machine looks neat and different
• Patented right side help arm designed with tire roller and pneumatic device
The roller always protects tire and rim along the whole procedure. The roller and pneumatic cylinder assists in lubrication under bead area, demounting with stick becomes safer for operator and rim; mounting operation become easy to handle
• Left helper arm system extends working coverage.
Patented multi-function left side help arm designed with three interchangeable heads and can be lifted at any position. Middle positioning head assists in pushing the tire down to turntable and make the clamping of run flat and low profile tires as safer as easier; Pressing head can provide the force on tire bead to assist in demounting process of upper side of bead, especially useful for the run flat and low profile tires; Pressing head can make the mounting process of the upper bead safer for tire and easier for operator; Lifting head assists in demounting tire by lifting the tire and demounting the lower part of bead by protecting the rim and operator
The dice assists in demounting by lifting tire and mounting by creating pressure on tire’s bead
• Tubeless tire inflating device on turntable with air booster system
This combo makes low profile tire and rim sealed instantly

Product Specification
Rims Steel, Aluminum alloy
Max.tire diameter 45"
Max.wheel width 16"
Inside Clamping Distance 14-26”
Outside Clamping Distance 12-23”
Voltage 110V/60HZ/1PH
Horsepower 1.48HP
Air pressure 8-10 bar(116-145psi)
Bead breaker force 5511lbs
Turntable Rotating Torque 795ft/lbs
Wheel clamping 4 jaws
Automatic Oiler included
Beadblast included
Right helping arm included
Left helping arm included
Motorcycle tire adapter set optional
Shipping Size 45*36*41"
Shipping Weight (G.W) 926lbs
Warranty 18 months