U-6691A Tire Changer


1.International Patent PCT/CN2013/085959: Motor with Gear box
Motor combine with gear box, lowest power loss
50% Power saving: input half power, output the same physical strength;
Integrated design, high stability, lower failure rate, saving cost and maintenance
Adopt high-authority gear transmission to instead of ineffective belt transmission
Adopt high-authority gear transmission to instead of ineffective worm disk and rod transmission
Work stable under 110V, different input power supply
New Gearbox system’s lifetime is 50% extended
Saving on your electric bill:3years for the purchase of a new machine total 3504kwh
20% Noise reduction
2.Special design machine cabinet
Cabinet support is strong
maintenance inside spare parts from front and back, EASY&QUICK;
3.International patent right 098 help arm: simple, reliable and stable
Nylon pressing roller helps to build a little space 2-3mm between the rim and the bird head, to avoid metal bird head scratch the rim
Easy to operate, one man can dismantle big tire easily, such as tire for BMW 7series.
4.Semi-automatic swing arm
5.Vertical arm positioning automatically and synchronous pneumatic locked at any optional position
6.28″ turntable and high power motor, greatly increase work strength
7.Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, low broken rate
8.Max working clamping 28″;
9.D200 bead breaker cylinder, BIG POWER!
10.Demount/demount head which equipped with plastic protector (set); avoiding the metal bird head scratch rims effectively;
11.Four angel directional adjustable tire pressing shovel is suitable for pressing various low profile tires from any angles
12.Bead breaker shovel is equipped with plastic protector avoiding damage rim when pressing the tire;
13.Easy to learn for operation, covers less space
14.Quickly demount/mount the tires saving the working time and improve work efficiency
15.Standard equipped with complete oil fog maker, clamp protector short(for standard clamp jaws), lifting lever, digital gun and bead pressing tool.

Product Specification
Rims Steel, Aluminum alloy
Max.tire diameter 45"
Max.wheel width 16"
Inside Clamping Distance 14" - 28"
Outside Clamping Distance 12" - 26"
Voltage 110V/60HZ/1PH
Horsepower 0.5HP
Air pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 psi)
Bead breaker force 5511lbs
Dimension(main body) 45*36*42“
Turntable Rotating Torque 795ft/lbs
Wheel clamping 4 jaws
Automatic Oiler yes
Beadblast included
Right helping arm included (098)
Left helping arm optional (037)
Motorcycle tire adapter set optional
Shipping Weight (G.W) 599lbs
Warranty 18 months