U-2091A Tire Changer


1. Pneumatic locking device between vertical arm and 098 help arm,patent unique function make the locking operation extremely easy

2. Semi-automatic swing arm

3. The round column is used as air tank

4. Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting

5. Quick air booster, esp. suitable for low profile tires

Product Specification
Rims Steel, Aluminum alloy
Max.tire diameter 45"
Max.wheel width 16"
Inside Clamping Distance 14" - 28"
Outside Clamping Distance 12" - 26"
Voltage 110V/60HZ/1PH
Horsepower 1.48HP
Air pressure 8-10 bar (116-145 psi)
Bead breaker force 5511lbs
Turntable Rotating Torque 795ft/lbs
Wheel clamping 4 jaws
Automatic Oiler yes
Beadblast included
Right helping arm included (098)
Left helping arm optional (037)
Motorcycle tire adapter set optional
Shipping Size 37.4*35.4*44.5"
Shipping Weight (G.W) 599lbs
Warranty 18 months