PL-1211 Arm Wheel Clamp Tire Changer


PL-1211 Arm Wheel Clamp Tire Changer Suitable for cars, motorcycles and light truck, BMW 7 series .The 098 arm (mounted on the right side) performs almost all the same functions as the dual arms.

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1. Semi-automatic swing arm
2. Suitable for cars, motorcycles and light truck, BMW 7 series
3. Max working clamping 24″
4. 24”large turntable and high power motor, which increase working strength
5. Clamping jaws are totally one step die casting, low broken rate
6. Pneumatic control device for vertical arm
7. Standard be equipped with plastic protector for demount/mount head, jaws and bead break shovel, never and ever damage rim
8. Quickly demount/mount the tyres saving the working time and improving work efficiency
9. Easy to learn for operation, covers less space
10. Bigger machine cabinet with thicker material, suitable for demount/mount more bigger and wider tyres
11. International patent protected 098 right help arm: simple, reliable and stable

Product Specification
External locking rim dimensions 10~21″
Internal locking rim dimensions 12~24″
Max.Wheel diameter 1000 mm(39″)
Max.Wheel width 355 mm(14″)
Working Pressure 8-10 bar(116-145 PSI)
Opitonal Power supply 110 V (1 ph)/ 220 V (1 ph/3 ph)/ 380 V (3 ph)
Optional Mottor power 0.55/0.75/1.1 kw
Noise Level <75 dB
Dimension(main body) 960*760*930 mm(4.4*3.5*3.1 ft)
Dimension(098 help arm) 1230*450*350 mm(4.0*1.5*1.0 ft)
N/G weight(main body) 207/229 kg(450/504 lbs)