GS-432 Transmission Fluid Oil Exchang


The simpl ified air-operated two-chamber brake bleeding device is suitable for the bleeding the hydraul ic brakes and clutches of al l motor vehicles,Equipped with an elastic inner membrane with hermetical ly separates the oi l from the air. in order avoiding the risk of emulsion.

Product Specification
Functions Remove, and replace fluid from most types and models of vehicle brake systems, Also removes trapped air.
Working Air Pressure 10 to 40 PSI:Consumption:4.5CFM at 30PSI
Air Inlet 1/4”-male quick couple
Tank Fluid Capacity 1.32 Gallons(5.25 quarts)
Pressure Regulator Manual control dial, locking
Pressure Gauges 0~140PSI,20PSI increments; within 20 PSI increments, marked in 2 increment
Drain Tubes 2-12-1/2(L)×0.316(dia.) inches clear polyurethane with rubber bleeder adapter tip
Brake Fluid Filler Hose 10 feet, 3 inches (L)×1/2 inch (dia.); reinforced polyurethane with ball valve and quick coupler at one end
Overall dimensions 11(dia.)×8.5(H)×6.5(base dia.) inches Overall height with handle: 18 inches
Collection Bottles 2-9(H)×4-3/4(L)×2-1/4(W) inches; 0.26 gallon (one quart)
Weight 19.6Ibs
Accessories Master Cylinder Adapters kit:11-domestic and import vehicle in plastic tool box .See Parts List at the end of this manual for details