A range of air compressors consisting of various models designed for professionals. Oil lubricated, direct driven compressors with one or two self-ventilated cylinders achieved by the fan, which is directly keyed onto the motor axis. Built in compliance with the strictest international standards, these compressors meet many different requirements and may be used by craftsmen, painters, carpenters, plumbers, builders etc… They are functionally self-sufficient, all equipped with pressure reducer and in varying configurations for their various applications. Electrical motor class F, built for continuous running S1, IP 44 protection, thermally protected by the external aluminium housing for the rapid dissipation of heat. Die-cast aluminium cylinder with inserted steel barrel is synonymous with quality and durability.

Product Specification
l 24
l /min 170
m3/h 10.3
bar 8
psi 116
HP 2
kW 1.5
Grup# / Pump GM 148
Cil# / St# 1/1
min-1 2850
dB (A) 72
mm / in 610x310x580 / 24x12.2x22.8
kg / lb 24 / 52.9