Baseplate 2 Post Lift


The 2 Post Lifts above ground lift with Super-Symmetric arms is the perfect choice for those smaller commercial repair facilities or The Mr. Homeowner who demands the highest quality at the absolute best price.


. Elegant appearance with hidden cable and pipeline.
. Adopt 4 safety hooks, balanced fixed, protect the lift front-rear balance and
reduce the abrasion and deformation of the machine to the maximum extent, improve the safety performance of the lift
. External locked safety device, easy to inspect and maintain
. Equalization of two steel cables force both sliding blocks to move synchronously, effectively prevent the vehicle from tilting
. Minimum height of the lifting pad is 125 mm, easily lift and suitable for low profile cars and SUV.
. Equip aluminum motor and car door-opening protection as standard configuration.
. Reliable oil cylinder, adopts chrome-plating honed cylinder and piston rod, with Italian seals on hydraulic rams, ensure long service life
. Passed 115% dynamic test and 150% static test

Product Specification
Feature Manual release
Lifting Capacity 4000kg (8840 lb)
Lifting Height 1800mm (70.9″)
Machine Height 2824mm (111.2″)
Machine Width 2576mm (101.4″)
Power of Motor 2.2kw
Power Supply 20V/380V 1/3 PHASE
Rise Time 55s
Drop Time 26s