8,840 Lbs. Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels-Free System


8,840 Lbs. Capacity Alignment Scissor Lift with Wheels-Free System can be surface mounted or flush mounted. Each lift comes with approach ramps for the floor mounted application or an optional set of ramps if the customer decides to flush mount the lift. Check the additional information to better understand how the extra high lifting height allows the PL-Y35/PL-Y35D/PL-Y40/PL-Y45 alignment scissor to be flush mounted and still offer plenty of room under the runways to properly access the underside of the vehicle.


1) This is a four-post vehicle lift for alignment service with 4000 KG lifting capacity for main unit, 2000 KG lifting capacity for the rolling jack.
2) 245 mm minimum height, 1750 mm lifting height for main unit, 490 mm lifting height for the rolling jack.
3) Adjustable width between two platforms suits for various vehicle’s track width.
4) Durable steel one-piece runway.
5) Mechanical lock engaged automatically during lifting process.

Product Specification
Feature Pneumatic / Electric safety locking system
Lifting Capacity 4000 KG(8,840 lbs)
Lifting Height 1850 mm(72.8″)
Platform Height 128 mm(4.4″)
Platform Length 4500 mm(177″) – 5000 mm(196.9″)
Drop Time 75s
Rise Time 60s
Power of Motor 20V/380V 1/3 PHASE
Power Supply 2.2kw